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Hi, my name is Toby, and I am an e-commerce consultant, coach and mentor. I specialise in helping e-commerce businesses to become $1m stores, first by year and then by month, by helping them drive their sales, get in control of their money, and build their team.

The E-Commerce Business Coach

Not Your Usual Business Coach

Hi, I’m Toby Hollington. I am the e-commerce business coach. I’ve spent a lifetime (yes, I’m getting old) coaching, consulting, and mentoring e-commerce business owners.

I know how hard e-commerce businesses are to run. There’s no magic strategy or quick fix to being successful. There are, however, fundamental principles (all included in the checklist below) that if you implement can significantly improve your odds of being successful.

I roll my sleeves up and work hands-on with e-commerce business owners to implement those principles into their business.


I’m an Accountant with a Personality

First of all, I’m an accountant with a personality (I know, hard to believe). That means your coaching starts and ends with the numbers. It’s about improving your profit and getting you more money, not just about making you feel good.


Specialised Consultant in E-Commerce

I’ve specialised my coaching, consulting and mentoring in e-commerce. This has allowed me to dive deep into the strategies needed to grow a successful e-commerce brand, and I’ve helped many grow to 6- or 7-figure months.


Coaching Businesses Since Coaching Began

I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners over my lifetime of coaching. No one knew what a coach was when I started! I’ve helped many businesses grow and build strong teams, and I can do the same for your e-commerce business.


I Give You Hands-On Support

And I don’t just tell you what to do and then disappear. On my one-to-one coaching program I work with you on your business. I roll my sleeves up and give you hands-on support to implement the changes needed to grow your e-commerce business.

The 21-Step E-Commerce Business Success Checklist

Download the 21-step checklist that includes the fundamental steps to significantly improve your odds of being successful.

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The best way to find out if our business coaching programs could help your e-commerce business is to start with a quick discovery call.

During the call, we’ll see IF and HOW I could help you and answer your questions about coaching.

If we both agree there’s a fit, we’ll then book a free introductory business coaching session where you can take coaching for a test drive to see if it could help your e-commerce business.

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Your Consultant

Meet Toby Hollington

Toby Hollington is the e-commerce consultant and business coach. He is a highly experienced business coach and accountant who specialises in working with e-commerce brands.

Hi, if we haven’t met already, my name is Toby. I am the e-commerce business coach.

I’m known as the blind accountant with the English accent! All of that is true. Although, I don’t like to admit I’m an accountant in public!

I got out of working in an accounting firm many years ago, though, and decided to use my skills to coach, mentor and consult one-on-one with business owners.

I started coaching before most business owners even knew what it was (yes, I’m getting old). That might be why I’m going blind!

The blindness comes from my genes. I am legally blind, although I can still see what I need too or as some people say – selective seeing! But who doesn’t want a blind accountant!

I am English too, hence the English accent, and I don’t mind telling people that, unless the Ashes are on.

All these things have shaped who I am and what I’ve learnt.

I’m now laser focused on working with e-commerce businesses and using my knowledge and years of coaching to help e-commerce stores to grow to 6- or 7- figure months.

Our Programs


One-On-One Coaching Program

Become a $1m E-Commerce Store, first per year and then per month

Most people start their e-commerce business with a dream to be their own boss selling products online to improve their income and to build their wealth!

But instead, they often end up working long hours and struggle to drive sales, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this program you’ll work directly with me to drive your sales, get in control of your money and build a team to help become a $1m E-Commerce Store, first per year and then per month.


Group Revenue KIck-Start Program

Get your e-commerce business to over $30k per month in the next 90 days …

Ok, so you have a product to sell, you’ve set up your store and you are pushing hard to get sales. You’ve managed to get some traction, but it seems really hard to breakthrough and get a consistent monthly revenue happening.

This 90-day program is designed to give you the key steps you need to implement in your store to boost your monthly recurring revenue, aiming to get you over $30k a month consistently!

This program proves your concept works and that you have a real business on your hands that you can then build to those 6- or 7-figure months.

Training and Support


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