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Revenue Kick-Start Program

Get to over $30k per month in the next 90 days

Ok, so you have a product to sell, you’ve set up your store and you are pushing hard to get sales. You’ve managed to get some traction, but it seems really hard to break through and get a consistent income happening.

This 90-day mentoring program is designed to give e-commerce business owners the skills they need to kick start their sales, aiming to get you over $30k a month consistently!

This gives you proof of concept that your products can sell and the foundation to scale and build your store to those 6- or 7-figure months.

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If we both agree there’s a FIT, we’ll then book a free introductory business coaching session where you can take coaching for a test drive to see if it could help your e-commerce  store.

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The 3 Key Areas to Kick-Start Your Sales

There are three key areas that you need to learn and implement in your e-commerce store to kick-start your sales.

In this program we cut away all the crap and just focus on those three key areas. This includes 1) product optimisation, 2) website optimisation, and 3) paid ads optimisation.

1 – Product Optimisation

Before you start doing anything in your e-commerce store, you need to make sure you’ve optimised your product range. If you don’t have the right products selling at the right price, then it doesn’t matter what you do – you still won’t kick-start your sales. To make sure we optimise your product range we will complete the following two steps:

1. Review your current product offering – In this step we’ll review your products to make sure you have a viable product offering to sell on your store with a plan for your vertical and horizontal product expansion.

2. Review your product pricing and profit margins – In this step we will make sure you’ve set your prices properly, including shipping, to maximise sales, while still making enough margins from each product to pay for your marketing and to make a healthy profit.

2 – Website Optimisation

Once you’ve optimised your product range, then the next step is to optimise your website. There’s no point sending traffic to your store if we haven’t optimised your site to maximise your sales from website visitors. We do this by focusing on the following steps:

3.Review and update your site’s architecture to make sure it’s set up to maximise sales – This includes reviewing your site design, site map, home page, collections pages, product pages, marketing copy photography and email flows.

4.Review and benchmark your site’s performance – Before we start to send new traffic to your site, we need to analyse how the site is performing right now and set up your E-Commerce Business Dashboard™ to monitor your sites performance going forward.


3 – Paid Ads Optimisation

Now that we have optimised your products and your website, it’s time to optimise your paid ads. The most important strategy in any successful e-commerce store is Google Ads. This is where you need to focus first to kick-start your sales. We’ll do this by completing the following:

5. Calculate the key numbers to run a profitable Google Ads campaign – This includes what sales you need to achieve to reach your profit targets and to break even (ROAS), customer acquisition costs, customer lifetime value and product margins.

6.Learn the fundamentals to running an effective Google Ads campaign –  This gives you a good understanding of how Google works, so you can hire and manage experts to optimise and scale your campaigns properly.

This Is How It Works

Over the next three months I’ll work with you to implement these steps into your business by giving you access to the 6-week E-Commerce Kick-Start Revenue Course, twice a month coaching and access to a community of other e-com business owners.

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The Revenue Kick-Start 6-Week Course

You’ll get lifetime access to the Revenue Kick-Start Course that will teach you all the steps you need to take to get your revenue to over $30k per month. This includes hours of video training broken down into bite-sized modules that you’ll be able to go through at your own pace.

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Twice a Month Coaching Session

Then, twice a month for the next 90 days, we'll get together to go through each step and brainstorm specific tactics for YOUR business, so you can put what you’ve learnt into action. This will help to bring the training to life and to make sure you implement it into your business.

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Community of Store Business Owners

And so that everyone can support each other, we’ve set up a private Facebook group. You can be part of a community of fellow e-commerce business owners who can support each other as you all go through the process of improving your revenue and growing your businesses.

Just hit the button below and book in for your discovery call to see IF and HOW this program can help you.


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