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One-On-One Coaching Program

Hands-On Help to Grow Your Sales, Improve Your Finances & Build Your Team

Ok, so you’ve got some sales moving through your store, and you’ve started to build your team, but things just aren’t moving fast enough. There never seems to be enough money, you’re struggling to break-through to the next level and your team are driving you crazy.  

This program is designed to give you the hands-on help to implement the fundamental principles into your e-commerce business to drive your growth, improve your finances and build your team.

This will provide you with the foundation to build your $1m story, first annually and then monthly.

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The 3 Key Areas to Build Your $1m Store

The fundamental principles that we guide you through implementing in your e-commerce business fall into three key areas. These are the areas that you need to master as an e-commerce business owner to grow your business to a $1m store.

The three key areas are your money, your growth and your people. I work with you and your team on a one-on-one basis (no group coaching here) to give you the hands-on support to implement these principles into your business.

1 – Money Mastery

First, we’ll focus on mastering your money. The foundation of a successful e-commerce business begins with getting in control of your money.

A growing e-commerce business requires cash, so it’s crucial to master your money. It’s vital that you are maximising your profit and efficiently converting that profit into cash.

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m an accountant, and yes, I love the numbers (I’m not boring though, I promise). I can assist you in managing your finances and gaining control over your money.

We do this in three steps:

1. Profit Mastery – Improve your profit by analysing your product and pricing; calculating your fixed costs, margins, return on ad spend and break-even point; and preparing a budget and sales forecast.

2. Cash Mastery – Improve your cash flow by understanding how long it takes to achieve positive cash flow from paid ads, how much money is tied up in stock and setting up your cash flow forecast.

3. Data Mastery – Set up your E-Commerce Business Dashboard™ to provide the insights necessary for driving your business forward, while getting you the support you need to manage your finances.

2 – Growth Mastery

The second area we’ll focus on is mastering your growth.  

One common issue I find with e-commerce stores aiming to grow is their tendency to jump from one strategy to another without first establishing the fundamental groundwork to support their growth.

We’ll address the following areas to ensure you have the foundational elements in place to grow your store:

1. Delivery Mastery – Expand your product range and establish efficient fulfilment processes. This ensures that as you grow, you can consistently maintain the quality and availability of your products.

2. Conversion Mastery – Optimise your store to maximise visitor-to-customer conversion rate, increase average order value and enhance customer return rates to maximise lifetime customer value.

3. Traffic Mastery – Implement the core paid strategies such as Google Ads and Meta. Then develop the organic strategies that support your paid ads to drive traffic to your store.

3 – People Mastery

It’s now time to mastery the art of building a team.

No business succeeds without a strong team. You can’t do everything yourself, and you’ll never be free from your business without a capable team to manage. This stage focuses on building that team so that you can get your time back.

We’ll do this by completing these three steps:

1. Systems Mastery – Plan out on paper who you need in your team, how you want them to operate and what you want them to do.

2. Management Mastery – Set up your management processes for your business from recruitment to inductions, performance management, discipline and terminationn.

3. Leadership Mastery – Improve your management and leadership skills so you can create a team that works so you don’t have to (well, at least not as much as you used to).

This Is How It Works

During the program I’ll work with you to implement these steps into your business by first putting a three-year plan together and then working with you to implement the plan with twice-a-month coaching and day-to-day support in your business.

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Kick-Start Planning Session

We’ll work with you on a one-on-one basis to review your business and put a plan together, creating a three-year vision for where you’d like the business to be, setting goals for the next 12 months and then breaking that down into a 90-day action plan for us to start to implement in your business.

ecommerce coach- e-combusinesscoach

Twice-a-Month Coaching Session

Then, twice a month, we’ll get together on a one-on-one basis for around 90 minutes to work on the steps in the action plan. At the end of the session, we’ll both get some tasks to do. I won’t just tell you what to do; I’ll roll my sleeves up and give you hands-on support to implement the changes needed in your business.

ecommerce coach- e-combusinesscoach

Day-to-Day Business Support

And in between sessions, if you need any help or support in your business, then you can call or email me as much as you need. Business can be a lonely affair, so I’m there to support you. It’s also extremely useful to get an outsider’s perspective from an expert to help work out any challenges or issues.

I’d love to work with you! Just hit the button below and book in for your discovery call to see IF and HOW this program can help you.


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