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The 5 Key Email Flows for E-commerce Stores


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In this training, I’m going to show you the 5 key email flows you need to set up in your e-commerce business to maximise your sales.

It is important that you have these email flows set up in your e-commerce store, as you spend a lot of money driving traffic to your store. It’s important to make sure you do everything you can to turn that traffic into sales on your e-commerce store.

These are the email flows you can set up in Klaviyo or Mailchimp to automatically help increase sales on your e-commerce store.

Watch the training now to learn what those 5 key email flows you need to set up on your e-commerce store.

How I Can Help Your E-Com Business

If we’re just meeting, you should know that I’m an accountant with a personality (I know, hard to believe), and I’ve spent a lifetime (yes, I’m getting old) coaching e-com business owners.

I specialise in working one-on-one with e-com business owners to give them the hands-on support to get in control of their money, grow their sales , and to build a team .

When you’re ready, I have two ways to help you with your business:

1. The E-Com Business Group Revenue Program

This 90-day program is designed to give you the key steps you need to implement in your e-com business to boost your revenue, aiming to get you over $30k a month consistently!

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2. The E-Com Business One-On-One Coaching Program

In this program you’ll work directly with me to get in control of your money, drive your growth and build a team to help become a $1m E-Com Store, first per year and then per month.

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